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House Wraps Market in l4 Industry to grow by USD 2.13bn|Technavio

The house wraps market size is expected to grow by USD 2.13 bn during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 7%. The report provides thorouh insights on the COVID-19 impact on the market and new business opportunities, if any, during the pandemic period. According to Technavio research experts, we expect the impact to be significant during the first quarter, which should gradually alleviate in subsequent quarters – with a limited impact on the full-year economic growth.

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House Wraps Market Trends & Drivers

The house wraps market research report has a detailed analysis on the key drivers, trends, and challenges, which will help vendors in making important business decisions and modifications to cater to the changing consumer demand. While it is essential to capitalize on key drivers such as increasing use of house wraps to prevent air infiltration, it is also crucial to understand the challenges that will impede sales during the forecast period. Identifying and addressing market growth challenges will create additional opportunities for the existing and new market players.  

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The house wraps market has also explored key trends such as advent of new fire-retardant membranes in house wraps, which will have a significant positive impact on the market growth over the forecast period. A thorough study of the market trends will enable vendors to understand demographics effectively, which can be used to further product and service innovation.

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House Wraps Market: Segmentation Analysis

This market research report segments the house wraps market by Type (perforated house wraps and non-perforated house wraps) and Geographic Landscape (APAC, Europe, MEA, North America, and South America).

The region led the house wraps market in 2020, followed by respectively. During the forecast period, the North America region is expected to register the highest incremental growth due to factors such as .

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A few of the key topics covered in the report include:

Market Drivers

Market Challenges

Market Trends

Vendor Landscape

  • Vendors covered
  • Vendor classification
  • Market positioning of vendors
  • Competitive scenario

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