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Telecom Billing Outsourcing Market to Register USD 6.75bn growth during 2020-2024|Technavio

Accenture Plc, Amdocs Ltd. and Cerillion Plc are expected to remain the top players in the telecom billing outsourcing market during 2020-2024

The telecom billing outsourcing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of  6%. The growth can be mainly attirbuted to rapid growth in mobile subscribers and the unique business strategies adopted by vendors to capitalize on the fast-growing market segments.

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Based on the COVID-19 impact analysis done in the report, the telecom billing outsourcing market is expected to experience a Neutral impact throughout the forecast period. According to the report, market growth is likely to Increase as compared to 2020. The pandemic-focused report highlights the impact of various factors such as lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, demand destruction, and change in customer behavior during 2020.

Companies across the globe are focusing on creating a Resilient Business Model in the Face of COVID-19. Vendors are continuing their ongoing operations while building resilient business models as the path to recovery from the pandemic is being carved out.

The recovery process involves various phases including:-

  • Facilitating changes in process designs by addressing potential Impacts 
  • Building Resilience by making effective resource and investment choices for individual business units, products, and service lines.
  • Mitigating future crisis situations conceptualize scenario-based planning.

Key Considerations for Market Forecast:

  • Impact of lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, demand destruction, and change in customer behavior
  • Optimistic, probable, and pessimistic scenarios for all markets as the impact of pandemic unfolds
  • Pre- as well as post-COVID-19 market estimates
  • Quarterly impact analysis and updates on market estimates

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Telecom Billing Outsourcing Market 2020-2024: Segmentation

Telecom billing outsourcing market is segmented as below:

  • Application
    • Wireless
    • Fixed Line
  • Geographic Landscape
    • APAC
    • Europe
    • MEA
    • North America
    • South America

The telecom billing outsourcing market is driven by rapid growth in mobile subscribers. In addition, other factors such as rising popularity of convergent billing are expected to trigger the telecom billing outsourcing market toward witnessing a CAGR of over 6% during the forecast period.


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